Driver Information

Ralink USB Wireless LAN Driver

Date: 09/09/2011 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Ralink

Operating Systems:

Windows 7
Windows 7 x64

Detailed Description
AMD FireGL/Pro/MV series expert video card version 8.723 driver for WinXP 64bit released on 25th April 2010.

New Features
1. Direct Mapping on Parallels Workstation Extreme (PWE), enabling a full graphics experience in a virtual environment
2. 10-bit color support on Windows 7, Vista and Linux (Windowed mode)
3. ATI Eyefinity support for S400 Synchronization Module: up to four and three outputs are synchronized at a time on ATI FirePro V8800 and V7800 graphics cards respectively
4. VLD support on ATI FirePro V3700 graphics cards: Two ATI FirePro V3700 cards can offer quad outputs in Stretched Mode
5. Passive stereo support on Linux
6. RHEL 5.5 early look

Resolved Issues
1. Unigraphics NX6/NX7: Corruption no longer observed when running NX6/NX7 Mark test
2. HP Workstation Graphics Test Suite v4.2: Corruption no longer observed while running "VolFog" demo with CrossFire? enabled
3. TexFilter: Texture corruption is no longer visible when OpenGL sample is moved to the secondary monitor
4. Inventor 2009/2010: "Capture Image Error" no longer appears while running perforation
5. OpenGL-Dissolve: Checkered black and white pattern no longer disappears when the window is moved slowly with hardware accelation enabled
6. AutoCAD 2010: Rotating the model in extended mode no longer causes corruption
7. Windows will no longer load to a black screen with only the mouse cursor visible when 10-bit pixel format is enabled
8. Globe application no longer exhibits horizontal flashing line corruption
9. Maya: Corruption no longer observed in Timeslider with Anti-Alias enabled
10. Solidworks 2010: Viewport will now refresh properly in extended desktop mode and tooltip corruption no longer occurs when switching between models from Windows menu

Supported Devices
Sitecom Wireless Dualband Media Adapter 300N WLA-5001 v1 001
Sitecom Wireless Dualband Network Adapter 300N X5 WLA-5000 v2 001
Sitecom Wireless Dualband Network Adapter 450N X6 WLA-6000 v1 001


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