Driver Information

Thrustmaster FFB Racing Wheel Driver

Date: 12/17/2018 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Thrustmaster

Operating Systems:

Windows 7
Windows 7 x64
Windows 8
Windows 8 x64
Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 10
Windows 10 x64

Detailed Description
Thrustmaster FFB Racing Wheel Driver 2019.TTRS.1

The driver package provides the installation files for Thrustmaster FFB Racing Wheel Driver 2019.TTRS.1.

If you consider updating this driver package by Driver Genius, all you need to do is clicking the Update button beside this driver update. Driver Genius will install the driver automatically, smoothly and silently.

Moreover, constantly scan driver updates by Driver Genius or enable the Scheduled Scan function in Options- Schedule to make sure that you will not miss a new release.


- Fixed an issue with DiRT RALLY 2.0 - PC


Installing the controller's drivers and utilities allows the system to properly recognize the connected device (either wired or wireless products), as well as to use all of the unit's features, such as force feedback, custom vibrations, and others.

In addition to that, applying the appropriate files lets users configure the controller's functions and buttons, and might even add support for various accessories compatible with the device.

Supported Devices
Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced T300
Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced T-GT
Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced TS-PC Racer
Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced TS-XW Racer
Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced TX
Ferrari F1 wheel Integral T500
Thrustmaster Advanced Mode Racer
Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Bulk Driver
Thrustmaster FFB Wheel
Thrustmaster T150 Bulk Driver
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 Bulk Driver
Thrustmaster T300P Racing wheel
Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing wheel
Thrustmaster T-GT Bulk Driver
Thrustmaster T-GT Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel Bulk Driver
Thrustmaster TRS Racing wheel Bulk Driver
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel Bulk Driver
TM BT LED DISPLAY Topboard Bulk Driver
TM-SIM-HUB Bulk Driver
TS-PC Racer
TS-PC Racer Bulk Driver
TS-XW Racer
TS-XW Racer Bulk Driver


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