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Synaptics TouchPad Driver

Date: 10/28/2011 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Synaptics

Supported operating system:

Windows XP 32-bit
Windows XP 64-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit

Release note:
Bug Fixes

1. BSOD - Roll back the changes for TP-37795
2. Added the const id for android so that we can get the packrat id.
3. Fixed driver can't get parameter registry bug in android.
4. Fixed for Duplicity can't open the exe file.
5. Fixed for android x86 build.
6. Fixed some bugs and save user setting in %USERPROFILE%\Synaptics\HKCU_All if shared-storage is not exist
7. Added comments before CSTring destructor, reminding future programmer STD string destructor is not virtual, you cannot account on CSTring destructor is called.
8. Instead of using pthread_cond_wait, use while loop and sleep
9. Merged code from android_branch to main trunk
10. Don't show tip window when restarting SynTPEnh.
11. Updated version that enables or disables using a 3 finger acivation gesture.
12. Don't disable "Cancel" and "Help" buttons during recording.
13. Don't set the Interpolated bit for devices that report groups.
14. Made SendPacket function more readable by moving some code to new functions.
15. Only allow for group processing if the multi finger filter is enabled.
16. Added option to signal feed event for group rather than packet processing.
17. Fixed BSOD on some Win7 systems because the thread gets stuck.
18. Fixed BSOD happening when psRawPacket is NULL.
19. Prevent Bluescreen when an user app feeds packets to a device in the Kernel but this device does not support up to this finger index.
20. Only check HScrollParent for H Scroll since some scrolling targets such as scroll view pane do not have HScrollParent and VScrollParent.
21. OEM changed their SPEC for SmartSense UI, please refer to "OEM SmartSense_Flow_v1 0_1017.pdf"
22. OEM doesn't want the circle to be able to "drag". They just want to change the position of center to where the user's clicked.
23. Fixed the issure that SmartSense has no video.
24. OEM asked for one finger move cursor and click to select the application when 3FFlick up launched. 3FFlick down is also supported at 3FFlick up state. Add Flip3D to app apecific.
25. Fixed the issue when move cursor and click to select the application in 3FFlick up state, Win key did not release yet.
26. Updated Makefile for DBUS exclusion.
27. Updated to support Android's x86 toolchain.
28. Updated SynCOM help html file.
29. Fixed TFM/Driver mismatch found for TM2093-001.
30. Added 3 Finger Flick Aero 3D videos.
31. Fixed three-finger flicks and its consistancy. This is not only for vertical, but also horizontal 3F flicks.
32. Adjust palmchecking settings for typing.
33. Added a restrict area to avoid accsidental 2F gestures.
34. Split Feature settings and UI for Multifinger Gesture.
35. Updated multifinger gesture staring zone to avoid accidental Pinch and twist to be triggered when finger in bottom of the pad.
36. Remove unused codes.
37. Removed the edge-motion speed page in clickpad for OEM.
38. Fixed the string in mouse properties.
39. Making Momentum scroll default instead of Coasting Scroll.
40. Fixed a BSOD in InterTouch.
41. Fixed BSOD happening because of stack overflow.
42. Added ability for SynTreeCtrl to display list items that have no selectable child controls.
43. OEM has requested that we not send vendor commands to query the device for its settings. The settings will be retrieved from the registry .
44. Fixed selecting the device to reflash.
45. Added "Disable the internal PD if an ext USB mouse arrives feature is enabled" and defaulted to off. for
46. Uncheck Rotating for
47. Fixed HelpID.
48. Used static MFC libraries.
49. Fixed shortcut-key duplicate error.
50. Added missing gui locker.
51. Fixed build error, the referred section is already merged to general setting.
52. Fixed OEM PnP ID request.
53. Embed manifest + other minor change.
54. Fixed hot key for new NGI_Test inf settings.
55. Added two finger taps as right click.
56. Added coasting scrolling video to all the PnP IDs for OEM inf.
57. Fixed PnP ID request for adding video coasting files.
58. Add InterTouch support for OEM0011 in
59. Update the sections' name for NGI.
60. PNPID OEM0012 added in OEM2006.inf same setting with OEM0011.
61. PNPID OEM1E6F added in OEMConsumer.INF
62. Flush workitem before entering suspend.
63. Only disabled PS2 and SMB devices when USB Mouse present.
64. Added two-finger tapping gesture to right click for OEM simple UI.
65. Added pinching support to Eye of Gnome.
66. For composite device, should use the proper description "USB_Comp"
67. INF file for OEM Usb composite device.
68. PNPID OEM0742.
69. Also change related parameter default value for OmniMode.
70. Enable 4Finger Flick in Group1.
71. Added PNPID 1E70, OEMConsumer inf.

Supported Devices:
Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad

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