Driver Information

Hauppauge WinTV Driver

Date: 05/30/2012 Version: 2.5
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.

Operating Systems:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows Vista x64
Windows 7
Windows 7 x64

Detailed Description
Release notes

1. If you are using Extend, this version has faster channel changing times. For example, when using an iPad over 3G, channel changing time is about 6 seconds.
2. Game mode is now supported.Game mode allows "live" video to be displayed without any video encoding delay. Game mode can be found in Configuration in the Advanced tab. (Game mode is not supported with Colossus or HDPVR)
3. This version now supports FM radio (on those products with built-in FM radio). Listen, pause and record FM radio.
4. You can also use the WinTV v7 Scheduler to schedule a recording of your favorite FM radio program on a once only, daily or weekly basis.
5. Analog recording options have been added, allowing Good/Better/Best/Fair video qualities.
6. Scheduling options have been added to allow shutdown/standby/hibernate at recording completion.
7. Fixed NTSC/PAL field order issues
8. Fixed an issue where No Tuner Available could show when a scheduled recording was due to start, it could lead to the scheduled recording being cut off.
9. Updated TS2PS utility to fix some conversion problems
10. Fixed an issue not deleting the original TS file when converted to .MPG correctly
11. Fixed issue which didn't allow more than 1 FM tuner to schedule a recording
12. Fixed an issue with snapshots and VMR9
13. Added Picture in Picture support. Requires multiple tuners to work. Picture in Picture can be moved around into each corner or resized. You CAN NOT switch the content that is playing between windows currently.

New Features

1. Supports the new iOS apps for iPhone and iPod
2. Check for Updates Button - so you can force a check for new version of the app. Check for Updates also checks if there are newer tuning files (e.g. Satellites.xml, Terrestrial.xml etc - if we have an update to these, we can instantly push the change out, without re-installing)

Supported Devices
eHome Infrared Receiver
Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard keys


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